IT Girl: Hermanus

A bit of a short one but sweetness is very much here. Oh Hermanus, Hermanus. If you were a person, I’d marry you (but maybe enter into a polygamous relationship with Wilderness…). What a glorious place. Sat right on the coast, we visited here not long after Stellenbosch.

What to do

Whale watching. Walking. Enjoyment. Not much with regard to hyper-tourism, but somewhere to breathe and reflect and escape. For me, the real draws are the views and food.

A great spot for walking and runs. There is something really special and motivating about running shuffling alongside a big, dark, moody ocean. There is also quite a lot of art dotted along the shore front, which is really levelly.

Meanwhile, the beachfront is particularly good if you’re feeling pensive/philosophical/like you need to escape your travelling companions.

As I mentioned, whale watching is fantastic in these parts. We saw loads with Dyer Cruises – a bit of a drive from Hermanus, but totally worth it! They wrapped us up nice and warm and gave us lots of snacks.

Where to eat some really, *really* good grub.

The Fisherman’s Cottage. Holey moley. No words.

What I will say is that if you like good, honest food with a flair, come here. Please. It is simply fantastic. Right up there with Snr Lisboa of Lisbon. We loved it so much, we sheepishly ate here both nights we stayed in Hermanus.

The Hotel

Of course, you need a nice place to rest your head and incredibly full belly after a meal or two at the Fisherman’s Cottage. Harbour House Hotel is just the place for that – lovely, very clean and tastefully decorated. The breakfasts were just incredible: so much yummy food!

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