IT Girl: Cape Town

Another cop out – we travelled here as a family… BUT… another one for the records. We travelled to South Africa in July – so our summer, their winter. Although we experienced snow in other parts of the country, Cape Town was simply beautiful: blue skies and a gentle breeze. Jeans and a jumper weather!

What to do: The Watershed

Located on the V&A Waterfront, this is a fantastic space filled with independent retailers, cafes and workspaces. Please, just go! A delight to potter around. My favourite stall was African Fynbosgems Jewellery.

Table Mountain

If you’re in CT, this is a bit of a no-brainer. Take the cable car to the top (the inside revolves so you manage to see a lot!). Regardless of the time of year you go, you can be certain that you will certainly feel cooler at the top – go prepared! It was very, very windy and we froze in clothes we were comfortably warm in when down in the city. 

Malay Quarter / Bo-Kaap

Quite possibly one of my favourite places in Cape Town. All the houses are brightly painted in various colours which represented the different trades of the inhabitants (allegedly – there are many different reasons floating about regarding this). Our guide was incredibly informative about the history of the area – I’d recommend you find one so that you can know all about this place.

Castle of Good Hope

A slightly ironic name for an eerie (think torture chambers) but weirdly beautiful place. In fact, a wedding party was arriving there as we left! A really informative place and a good way to begin your time in CT – after all, it’s where Cape Town itself began.

District Six Museum

An eye-opening but life-affirming museum. If you do one thing in CT, come here. You will be blown away by the stories and the injustice surrounding the history of apartheid in CT and its surrounding areas. The presentation of the information is beautiful and moving. It’s worth mentioning that it is based in an ex-church, which really lends a sense of history and meaning.

Robben Island

An amazing experience all round. The tours of the prison are led by ex-inmates which adds to the reality of the island. What’s more, the views looking back towards Cape Town and Table Mountain from the boat across are fantastic.

Langa Township

Yes, this felt voyeuristic. Yes, this felt a little wrong – to be observing poverty as part of a trip. Yet, the people of Langa could not have been friendlier – they were eager to speak, tell and show. An overwhelmingly eye-opening experience.*

We spent most of our time in Cape Town with the fantastic Ilios Travel – recommended to us by Trailfinders. If you want to go to Langa, make sure you go with a tour guide such as Ilios.

Cape Town in three words: colourful, staggering and crisp.

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